Dog Toys

Many behavioral problems in the dogs develop because of the boredom they have to suffer from. You can avoid these situations with the use of dog toys. These not only keep them happy and energetic but also keep their interest around the house – a little bit of wandering doesn’t hurt them, though. There are different types of dog toys but the major ones are only three. The first one is the interactive toys which are also good for training and communicating better with your dogs. To make better use of these, you have to play your part as well. These can include fetching toys such as balls, Frisbees, and other bouncing rubber toys. The tugging toys which are also called rope toys come into this same category. The second type is the distraction toys which are mostly for fun and to keep your dog busy even when you are busy or not around. These include famous chew toys such as Kong which are made of hard rubber and the puzzle toys which involve giving treats to your dog once he has solved it or get a new toy after that. The last type kind is the comfort toys which are just a part of play time for comforting your dog which doesn’t always go well as it can involve a lot of tearing and fluffing.

How to Choose Best Dog Toy?

There are a lot of factors that contribute in a toy to be the best but the top priorities should be given to the safety level to avoid any danger to your dog. This also depends on the size of your dog, the kind, and play style as well. Whichever toy you select and no matter what the purpose is – Fun or training—you should not give the dogs something which is not suitable for their size. They might swallow it and cause problems for his mouth and throat. The best practice is to avoid any toys that are breakable easily into smaller pieces or replace them immediately once they start to show such signs. The personality and chewing habits must be considered before you buy any random toy and leave your dog with it. That’s why interactive toys are always better to give your dog in the prior stages to make him learn some specific behaviors during specific tasks. The stores offer you dog toys in Singapore that have a variety of uses. Bigger dogs definitely like tug of war but rotation of the toys might help you a lot better if done in a right way. You can get these dog toys in Singapore at awesome discounts.

The Verdict

Whatever the toy is, you must show your dog once at least how to use it for his ease. Whenever you have to introduce a toy to them for the first, do it before the meals so that their enthusiasm and energy can be put in the right direction. Always make it easy to play for them earlier and then increase the difficulty with time to make them smart and intelligent.