Ewegurt is a US brand which is more focused on giving your dog relax and stay happy at all times. These Ewegurt treats are not just a delighting food for your dog but they also keep his muscle relax and free of any anxiety. Not all of the dogs have owners who let them just sleep and eat most of the day. So, these products by the Ewegurt give relief to your puffy friend after a hard working day, a training exercise or running in the neighborhood with you. These are clinically tested products and the surveys show that even the dogs who fear certain things and can’t keep their body still at times because of the tension and stress in their joints get healthier with time after using these Ewegurt treats. The treats are freeze dried while processing so you have to add some water before you serve them your dogs. The main products by this brand are; Sheep’s milk, sardines, kale, beets, parsley, coconut oil, and unfiltered Apple cider vinegar. Each of the bags of dog food carries more than 20 tablespoons of the treats and the guidelines are written based on the weight of your pet.

Why Choose this Brand?

The first element in this diet that benefits your dog the most is the Vitamin and mineral enriched milk including Magnesium and B 12 which help reduce stress and anxiety in the dogs. It contains more antibiotics than the natural cow milk which help prevent any serious diseases among the pets. All the food produced by the Ewegurt in Singapore keeps the mood of animals amazingly positive and helps fighting cancer as well because of the rich omega fatty acids in it. On top of this, the manganese and Potassium enriched Vitamins help in the cleaning of the body of your do along with purification of blood. Then, it smells and tastes great allowing you to get rid of that bad breath of your pets with freshness all around. It also keeps their kidneys safe from any free radicals and toxins. It is also a good agent for dogs who feel irritation on the skin because of the rashes. It keeps their teeth healthy and the decay rate reduces to a significant level. It is especially good for sensitive dogs that have a low tolerance for lactose while supporting their digestion system. So just get to a store that has Ewegurt in Singapore, buy it and let your dog enjoy all natural nutrition benefits of these treats.

The Verdict

Although, the feeding guides are pretty comprehensive but still you can check their website before you purchase any specific food from one of those treats for your pet. The calming effects of these products take some time to show significant results —mostly more than 40 minutes at minimum —so always wait for the diet to kick in properly or in the case of variations, contact your Vet and the helpline of the company for a detailed check of your dog’s breed and his needs.