NaturVet Bitter YUCK! No Chew Spray 8oz - Perromart

NaturVet Bitter YUCK! No Chew Spray 8oz

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Product Description:
• Clear, non-sticky, and easy to apply spray will stop animals from chewing and gnawing on any number of problem areas.
• Inexpensive and non-staining.
• Can be used on any washable surface, indoors and outdoors.
• Bitter YUCK! is WATER BASED unlike other alcohol based products that can cause stinging, so it can be applied to
wounds or bandages.
• Stops pets and horses from chewing on paws, furniture, hot spots, wounds, drapes, leg wraps, manes and tails.
Active Ingredients: Rosemary (.5%)
Inert Ingredients: Water and Sodium Bicarbonate.

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