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Obasan Organic Flea And Tick Repellent 245ml

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Obasan is an 100% Organic Bedbug, Flea & Ticks exterminator and repellent with a touch of lavender fragrance adopting the concept of natural elements to combat the undesired pests but does no harms to any living beings nor the environment. It is suitable to spray onto Dogs, Cats and affected Pets.
Direction for usage:
Shake well before usage.
1st usage, spray whole body of the dog, cat and all pets till wet to kill and repel off any undesired pests.
Repeat when necessary.
Apply a gentle spray for Repellent Purpose.
Treatment upon physical contact:
If in Eyes: Flush eyes with plenty of running water
If Swallowed: Drink plenty of water
Seek immediate medical attention if necessary. 
Lavandula augustifola, Azadirachta indica Botanic Extract, Inert Ingredients
Formulated in Japan
Repacked in Singapore by Ecosafe Pest Control
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