Outward Hound - Star Spinner

Outward Hound - Star Spinner

  • $3200
  • Save $5.90

- Mentally stimulate your dog in a fun and creative way
- Durable plastic construction
- Hide treats throughout the two level spinning star
- Anti-slip feet keep the game in place
- Great for all ages and sizes of dogs

The Kyjen Dog Games Star Spinner Dog Toy Puzzle is an affordable way to challenge and treat your dog. Hide treats in two different levels of the star shaped dog toy and your dog will have to learn how to spin the trays to reveal the treats. Interactive games are a wonderful way for you to bond with your dog and create a fun way to offer a challenge and a reward. You will love watching your dog make progress and figure out how to manipulate the game to get to the hidden treats.Test your dog's problem solving skills with a toy that will entertain you as much him and keep your dog healthy, happy and engaged.

10" L X 10" W X 3" H

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